Khari in English means salted puffs. It is one type of French version of product. This was invented by Claudius in 1645 and in Ahmedabad we only first started making Khari in 1960. Our Khari was liked and enjoyed by many people as it was crispy and crunchy. We also received great response in the sale of Khari from public. Due to the sale, demand and quality of our Khari, we got a slogan by people’s mouth that

“Khari to Bharat Krishna Bakery Ni J”

This way Khari became our main product. Regular Khari is made from refined wheat flour, salt, bakery shortening and water for different taste we also manufacture different flavoured Khari like jeera Khari, masala Khari, Cheese Khari, Methil Khari, Aata Khari an Denis Khari.